Wanting some new ideas for your nails, we have some of the best gangster Instagram baddie nails to copy. You can recreate these looks quite easily if you have a good nail technician. If you don’t know by now baddie means unique and of course, we can embrace it in our manicures.

We hope you love this list of Aesthetic baddie nails, and if you do save it and share it. If you are looking for other acrylic nail designs be sure to check out these 28 cute short acrylic nail designs.

I hope this selection of Instagram baddie nails will inspire you to recreate them for you or your family members. We have all designs but be worn These nails are long so if you are not into long nails check out the list above.

Baddie and multicolor Butterfly nails

Baddie nails red

Long rainbow baddie nails designed with a butterfly on the colorful tips. You can shop for similar butterfly decals here.

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Trendy coffin baddie red acrylic nails

coffin baddie red acrylic nails

Red is a bold color so this color has to be on the baddie list. Red coffin nails with rhinestones are the vibe.

Red Long Square Nails

long square nails

The butterfly design is a popular trend on social media right now. You can really show off your design with these lengths.

White Aura Baddie Edgy Grunge Nail

baddie edgy grunge nails

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I love how alien these are but interesting you should consider these. The design looks amazing and otherworldly.

Blue Bling Nail Design

Blue Bling Nail Design

This design is interesting and could be a cool 4th of July nail art. This design is so pretty and the color combination is pretty.

White Exotic Nail Designs

White Exotic Nail Designs for a Baddie

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Long white nails with bling are a total baddie look. You can wear these to the wedding they will look good as the bride or guest.

Neutral or Nude Baddie Nails

 Nude baddie Nails

These are super cute coffin shape nails, small transparent butterflies, and LV design.

Classy Long Nails

Classy Long Nails

Solid brown nails that say a lot without doing too much!

Bright Yellow Aesthetic Baddie Nails

aesthetic baddie nails

Spring or summer these bright yellow nail art are so pretty and fierce.

Blue Acrylic Design Nails

Blue Acrylic Design Nails

These dark blue nails are stunning and will look good with almost any clothes. Give these nails a try you won’t regret them as they are also easy to recreate.

Baddie Coffin Louis Vuitton nails

pink Louis Vuitton nails coffin

Can’t we have a list without a pink design right? so here is an amazing design with pink acrylic and gold decals.

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Birthday Nails Inspo

Baddie Louis Vuitton nails coffin

This design is cute and so on brand.

Brown Glam Bling Nails

baddie louis vuitton nails coffin

Brown’s original brand design is pretty cool and will stand out if done right. Another version of baddie Louis Vuitton nails coffin.

Bold Tapered Square Nails

tapered square nails

This next design feature is a white French tip acrylic design with a multicolor pattern on the tips.

Short Classy Baddie Nails

Classy Baddie Nails pink

Short baddie stiletto-shaped nails with a hot pink and clear design.

Pink Coffin Nails

summer baddie nails

Summer nails in hot pink will stand out and these can also be great color choices for spring. The color is bright and vibrant and will look well against any skin tone.

Mood Print Nails

Print Nail long baddie nails

It changes green when it’s warm and nude brownish when it’s cold.

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Mustard Yellow Baddie Nails

Mustard Yellow Baddie Nails

These mustard yellow look amazing and are one of the bold colors we can all look forward to.

Baddie Chanel Nails in black and white

Baddie Chanel Nails in black and white

Black baddie nails

Black baddie nails

The design with long black tips on neutral polish, and others with black words. This design would look good on any shape nail.

Pink baddie nails

pink baddie nails

These aesthetic baddie nails in light pastel pink are just what a baddie needs. If you like long nail art you should consider this. It’s cute and really easy to do, you can shop for these butterfly decals here.

Neon Baddie Nails

acrylic baddie nails

This nail art with a sugary pink rough pattern, and pointy nails on small fingers. Coffin baddie nails are popular among all the baddies on Instagram.

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These aesthetic baddie nails on Instagram are popular on all social media. Which of these are you going to try, the hardest part is to decide.


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